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What is involved

The system is based loosely on the Taoist principles of energy exchange and Eastern accupressure points. During the training session you will be introduced to a technique that will allow you to channel energy between yourselves. Unlike many of the alternative healing modalities that use Universal Healing Energy, the type of channelling that you will be taught only involves channelling your own energy. This allows a depth of intimacy between lovers that is not often reached by any other means.


Once this has been achieved, then you will then be shown different points on the body that can be used to induce and enhance erotic sensations. You will learn to relax and sensitise your lover's whole body. Over time you may even be able to induce orgasm in your partner without ever touching the genital area. This technique can be learnt by anybody and does not require any previous knowledge of either energy channelling or human anatomy.


The technique can be adapted for use in many scenarios; from an intimate lover's ritual to a delicious tease. Given practice it can even be used as a form of BDSM torture - it's up to you.


As the training involves the use of sensual touch, clothing worn for the session should be light and easy to move in and thin enough to be able to feel the body clearly. Gym clothing or underwear is ideal. Given that Heka, Isis and Chiron and Ariel are all naturist, they are happy to teach naturist sessions if that is what you wish. All sessions organised by us will clearly state whether or not they are naturist sessions.


Many of the points used to channel are not in intimate areas. As you will be given a booklet containing all of the information you need to know, sessions do not require anyone to touch in areas that they are not comfortable to do so. It is quite acceptable to book onto a group session as a single person as long as you are happy to pair up with another single person. You will of course be able to specify which gender you prefer to be partnered with.


Level 1 - introduces the technique and teaches a basic ability to channel, relax and sensitise (and tease).

Level 2 - teaches you to channel with greater intensity and introduces new points to work on and some little tricks with crystals.

Level 3 - introduces even more points and teaches you some erotic massage techniques.

Level 4 - shows you how to achieve a full body orgasm in your partner along with all sorts of other loveliness.


Please note, you do not have to complete all levels of training to be able to enjoy the technique and have a lot of fun. Many people will only complete certain levels and then go on to adapt the technique to their own requirements. It is necessary however for those who wish to complete the higher levels to have undergone the levels below.

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