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Generally events start between 7pm and 8pm and run for 2 - 3 hours.


Please see individual events for exact timings.


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Energy Channelling for Lovers - Basic Level


What you will learn:

You will be taught how to recognise your own energy field, how to raise and store your energy and how to effectively channel this into a partner. You will learn the locations of the channelling points and how to move between them. You will be given the chance to watch a demonstration of the complete technique before being led through as you practice on your partner.  


What this will give you:

The Basic level of channelling will allow you to assist your partner into a state of deep relaxation, thus preparing them to be able to enjoy the sensations that follow. You will be able to elicit deep sensuous feelings throughout their body and literally have them begging for more. Given practice it is possible to induce orgasm in your partner without ever going near the genital area - many report that this is a much deeper experience than orgasm induced by usual sexual activity.


What to wear:

You'll need to wear something that allows the person you are working with to see and feel the ouline and shape of your body. For ladies, leggings/tight shorts and a vest top or underwear. For men, close fitting gym kit or underwear. Please avoid wearing clothes that are not easy to move in or are too thick (ie: close fitting jeans, corsetry etc). You are welcome to change on arrival if you do not wish to travel in your outfit. Please note that these particular events are not a naturist sessions. Naturist sessions are held approximately once every 2 months (more in case of demand). Generally these are held in local naturist venues.


How long it takes:

Teaching you to recognise your own energy field, raise and store your energy and start to channel takes from as little as 10 minutes to as long as 30. It all depends on the individual - hence we only run small groups to ensure that everyone gets the chance of some individual attention and support. Demonstrating the technique while you watch and learn takes around 30 minutes - after which we will take a quick refreshment break and time to pop to the bar/loo. After refreshments you will be given the chance to run through the technique yourselves whilst being given hands on help if needed. This will take up the remainder of time so that everyone gets a chance to both work on their partner and be worked on.


What it costs and how to book:

The cost of the course is £30 per person or £50 for a couple of any orientation. A 50% non-refundable deposit is payable at the time of booking. The remainder should be paid in cash on arrival. We do not yet have facilities to take card payments at the venue. You can e.mail us to arrange other payment/deposit methods.


What happens afterwards:

As we have no accommodation facilities you will be free to leave. We are of course available by e.mail for as long as you need for any questions or help needed - after all, we expect you to go home and play and of course you may well stumble across a question that you either didn't realise would come up or forgot to ask on the day. We ask that everyone leaves the venue by 11:15pm to allow us time to clear up and leave the venue by 11.30pm. Local hotels are shown on the booking page for each individual event.  Level 2 courses will be available from early 2014 onwards.


If you still have a question:

Click on the FAQ to see if it is already answered. If not, just drop us an e.mail and we'll do our best to answer any questions. We are here to help and want you to have the very best experience possible.



Parking is often free on the road by the time the courses start. 






Small Group Training Session   Level 1 - Basic Level

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