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Channelled Bliss is run by Isis snd Heka. Both qualified Reiki Master/Teachers and experts in the art of energy channelling. Also working for the company is Chiron.


Heka is not only a Reiki Master/Teacher but also an experienced Martial Artist.


Isis is not only a Reiki Master/Teacher but also a Crystal Healer and experienced in Ketsueki Kokan Ho massage. She has treated many hundreds of clients.


Chiron has spent many years as a masseur and is skilled in both traditional and erotic massage.


Heka and Isis discovered the system whilst playing around with channelling and pressure points and then spent time perfecting it to be able to share it with others. Having taught the system to friends it became very clear that there is no need for any prior knowledge or skills and, once shown, anyone can do it. 


Heka, Isis and Chiron are all naturist but are happy to work in any state of dress that their clients are comfortable with.


Heka & Isis

Proud to be partnered with the Outsiders Trust. Click here to see us listed.

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